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How to Order

Add to Cart

Press the button "Add to Cart" on your cart to add desirable items, the Web will bring you to the shopping cart page,to show all products in it.If you want to buy more products, then click "Continue shopping".


When shopping is done, press the button "Proceed to Checkout" to enter the next stage of the order. Then Login or Register or Checkout as Guest,then fill information and click "Continue" When fill information until fully and properly every step, then click "Place Order"

Email Validation

You will receive 1 email,that details of all orders including account number for the transfer.

Transfer payments

Check order info and transfer payment.If no payment within 3 days, We will canceled the order to take that products back to sell to other customer.

Confirm Payment

When you already transfer payments you can confirm payment by click menu "Confirm Payment"

Wait for Products

After Confirm payment. We will send the tracking number to you. After delivery and inform the date of receiving the product